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I Trust My Beagle

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Names For A Male Beagle

I am trying to name a Male Beagle. Any suggestions would help.

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One Person Dogs?

Simple question so I’ll keep it short. I’ve had a lot of dogs. All pure breeds. A Pit Bull Terrier, an English Springer Spaniel, two Rat Terriers and a Shiba Inu. I now have a lovely little girl who happens to be a Beagle. I’ve always loved my dogs but, with the exception of my Pit, all have preferred my wife over me. I took it as a result of me being the disciplinarian of the house. Firm ‘yesses.’ Firm ‘nos.’ That type of thing. Now I’ve got this pretty little lady and she is attached to me like Velcro. Will always come to me. Even when one of my kids or my wife calls her, the dog will come to me. She follows me around no matter who is home. She wants to sit with me no matter who is around. I’ll admit I do spend more time with her than anyone else because I work from home most of the time. I’m still firm & I’m still me. Wife is somewhat hurt that the dog very obviously prefers me despite lavish hugs, petting & treats. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t give her treats or serve her meals because it’s been stipulated that that is the reason I’m preferred.

Now here’s the question. Some dogs (i.e., German Shepherds) are considered ONE person dogs. They pick their person & stick with that person as their preferred companion. Are Beagles this sort? As far as anyone can tell, there’s absolutely no reason for this dog to be so devoted to me but she is. Can anyone shed some light?

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Owning & Training A Beagle

What are some things that are important to know when it comes to owning and training a beagle dog? I am adopting a new beagle in June

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We adopted another beagle puppy today, how do …

Hi all.

I’ve had beagles all my life but this is my first time adding a puppy to a home with an older one. I have a 7 year old beagle who is very much used to being the only child. He sulked for a week when we got our cat. He is very mild mannered but has some pretty severe anxiety. We adopted a 3 month old puppy today and their first meeting left a little to be desired. My old guy isn’t thrilled. He’s not aggressive at all but he’s unsure of the situation.

Does anyone have any tips to make this go a little more smooth? We are cage training the puppy and my older dog has free run of the house and sleeps with us. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m worried I’m going to stress out my older dog and it’s not fair to him when he’s used to having us all to himself.

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We adopted an adult Beagle. What are some good…

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Anyone have experience with their beagle after…

Originally was wanting my beagle to have puppies. Not a breeder or anything like that, my entire family is in love with Miss Maggie Mae and we all wanted her to have pups so they can each have one. Anyway, she went into heat and since then I have totally changed my mind about her having puppies. I work too much to care for the puppies. So I’m wanting to get her spayed. Her bleeding started Dec 7th. Since, her vulva has returned to a normal color and swelling has gone down. Anyone with experience please halp!!

  • how long should I wait to get her spayed?
  • her nipples are still really swollen. Is this normal? And no, she’s not pregnant she’s been in isolation pretty much
  • her temperament has changed completely, she’s like a different dog. I didn’t realize the hormonal changes would be this drastic. She is less playful and more into her nose these days. Way less hyper (not really complaining), and she sleeps almost all day now. Is this normal?
  • Different online sources say different things, but.. are there health risks associated with spaying after first heat cycle?

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What are some things you do to keep your beagl…

Someone had suggested to me wadding up a towel with kibble mixed in, and stuffing it in a paper towel tube. Though she loved it, it only lasted about an hour. What are some other games you leave for your beagle while you’re gone?

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Avoiding anal gland issues?

Does anyone have any tips on what to feed their beagle to avoid anal glands filling up too often?


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BEAGLE QUESTION: Howling Duration

I’m new to beagles but not new to dogs. (I’ve had 6 over the course of my life.) We’ve had her for a couple of weeks now. Two year old rescue. She’s pretty wonderful & we adore her. Very sweet. I’m lucky enough to work from home most of the time so she’s very rarely alone. There are, however, times when we all must leave the house for extended periods of time. When we leave, we put her in her (very comfortable) crate because when we don’t she tries to dig a hole through the front door. No matter how long I’m gone, when I return she’s howling like someone is stabbing her in her eyes with hot needles. I’m concerned for her. Will she ever ‘get used to’ departures or extended absences or will she howl for the entire period for the rest of her life?

Aware you can’t speak for all dogs. Just looking for a general quorum to get a sense of what I’m looking at. Perhaps one of you kind Beaglers can offer a comforting suggestion on how to ameliorate her separation anxiety.

The Baby

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