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My old bocker, Jingle

She’s gone now but I just wanted to share this photo of her

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Social Dog App

Does anybody know/uses an iPhone app for dogs that can recommend ? Something like a social app for dog people ?

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Jumpy Beagle?

Hi everyone,

My 2 year old beagle is really jumpy and I wanted to know if that’s normal for beagles, or if he might be stressed or have another problem…

I mean like he does the typical janky movement we all do when we get suddenly scared, but in totally inocuous situations… like if I pet him while he’s eating, or if he hears an unexpected sound while sleeping.

He was just sleeping and I went to pet him gently, and he jumped like that. It got me wondering if that’s normal for beagles/dogs or I should be doing something so he’s not this tense/alert all the time…

First time pet owner here, sorry if this sounds stupid

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Fly like a beagle to the sea

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Tips of finding a breeder

What should I look for, and what are the warning signs? How do I verify things like credentials? What do you want to see in a breeder?

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Beagle-mix seizure disorder solved!

I have an 11 year-old beagle mix that started having periodic petit-mal seizures from about age 5. My vet said it was not uncommon but that it was a condition where he preferred not to medicate unless they became more problematic for various reasons. I acquired some CDB cream (cannabinol-medical marijuana extract) and applied when he started to go into a seizure and he hasn’t had one in months. I’m thrilled. Just my experience, but I’m a believer now.

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Beagle incontinence

So my 1 and a half year old female beagle has a bathroom problem that I can’t figure out. So she was peeing almost ever 1-2 hours sometime inside, but always by the back door, And sometime she would go more often than that. I had a water jug so that they had constant access to water, but I took that away thinking that she may just be drinking too much. But then I worry that my lab is not getting enough water. She is no longer having accidents during the day while running freely now that we have cut back water and I am letting her out more often. So now the problem is at night. She can’t seem to make it through the night without having at least one accident, we let them out right before bed too. What I find odd about everything is that I know she can hold it for 8+ hours because she is crate trained and can spend a whole day in her crate when we are away without having an accident in the crate, she has never had an accident in her crate. Some nights she doesn’t have any accidents, but nights that she is really restless and is on and off the bed I tend to find little piddle spots (not big spots like she is expelling her whole bladder just smaller spots). We got her spayed when she was about 4 months old and after some reading I’m afraid it may be linked to that. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this before and how they handled it?

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Beagle Meet Up – UK (South East)

Hey all who might be reading,

I have heard of some beagle clubs around the UK where owners will meet up so their beagles can play together.

Wondering if we have any UK owners around the south east that might want to meet up and take our pooches out for a play?

Maybe one of you has more details about these beagle meetups you could pass over to me?

Thank you for your time.

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My beagle’s 8th birthday

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Handsome new boy

Look at this sweet guy we adopted this weekend.

He is supposedly over a year old but he kind of acts a lot like a puppy still. Really sweet and playful.

Have you guys seen many beagles that look like him? I’m assuming he is some kind of beagle mix but I dont know. He is mostly brown with a little white (and a tiny white tip to his tail) and his fur on his body is a lot softer that the last beagle we had, who was also much larger and a tricolor..

I cant get over what a handsome little guy he is.

(here is his new friend Maggie: )

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