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Buddy is so happy his sheepskin got moved to t…

Buddy is so happy his sheepskin got moved to the living room 😍❤️🐾😴…
#beagle #beagles #dog #dogs #sleepy #sleepydog #sunday #morning #sunshine #🐾 #🍺 (at Dogpatch, San Francisco)

Anti-inflammatories, anti-biotics, cone of sha…

Anti-inflammatories, anti-biotics, cone of shame, and a shave on his tail.

Dax is not a happy bunny, but he’s on the mend now!


Dax is off to the vets this morning

He’s got a lump on his tail which he keeps worrying at. He won’t let us anywhere near it and gets super defensive if we approach while he’s “cleaning”.

They don’t open til 10am on a Sunday and no appointments so hopefully we’ll be able to be seen 😩

He’s drew a teeny bit blood and it’s weeping a bit. Hopefully vet will let us know what it is and fingers crossed remedy for our silly doggo ❤️

Much Ado with Clover

Much Ado with Clover

Pack snuggles

Pack snuggles

Mornings be all like… 😴😴😴. #beagle…

Mornings be all like… 😴😴😴. #beagle #beagles #dogs #sleepy #sleepydog #morning (at Dogpatch, San Francisco)

Dax sunning it up

Dax sunning it up

I went to York in February and bought a Cubone…

I went to York in February and bought a Cubone plush.

It was meant for me but Dax loves it so much and cudddles it all the time. He normally destroys plushes but not cubone. I guess it’s his now.

Loving the options in the new neighborhood – c…

Loving the options in the new neighborhood – craft cocktails and artisan jerky samplers are now walking distance (and it’s #beagle friendly) @thirdrailbarsf #dogpatch #sanfrancisco #sf #saturdaynight #cocktails #🐾 #🍺 (at Third Rail)

idontwannabemisspiggy: 1.5 off!Which is good,…


1.5 off!

Which is good, I gained 1 last week and lost an extra half. I was expecting a maintain considering the wedding.

After getting weighed, I went on a beagle adventure. I hit my daily step goal (10k) in an hour and a half. Dax was wrecked.

We went to our local dog cafe afterwards but Dax was a noisy butthole. One of the dogs we were walking with turned 1 so they gave us all party hats. Dax wasn’t too pleased at that.

Celebratory slice of cake, and then home. It’s been a good day, and I’m pleased I managed to lose.

Gonna batch make some soups again for work this week, as I definitely think that helped.

I also bought a 12 week countdown for Slimming World – which means a new journal. I have been filling this one in, but not as rigedly. I want to completely cover my journal again, so I have something good to reflect on!

Motivated again 😁

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