idontwannabemisspiggy: 1.5 off!Which is good,…


1.5 off!

Which is good, I gained 1 last week and lost an extra half. I was expecting a maintain considering the wedding.

After getting weighed, I went on a beagle adventure. I hit my daily step goal (10k) in an hour and a half. Dax was wrecked.

We went to our local dog cafe afterwards but Dax was a noisy butthole. One of the dogs we were walking with turned 1 so they gave us all party hats. Dax wasn’t too pleased at that.

Celebratory slice of cake, and then home. It’s been a good day, and I’m pleased I managed to lose.

Gonna batch make some soups again for work this week, as I definitely think that helped.

I also bought a 12 week countdown for Slimming World – which means a new journal. I have been filling this one in, but not as rigedly. I want to completely cover my journal again, so I have something good to reflect on!

Motivated again 😁

Doggo adventures